Illume marries award-winning program design and implementation with recognized expertise in behavioral research and evaluation.

We offer inspired and forward-thinking consulting at the rare intersection of insight and execution. We create enduring partnerships with government organizations, utilities, program implementers and non-profits in the energy efficiency, conservation, renewable, demand response, and smart grid industries. We deliver the following services: 

Illume places everyday human needs and aspirations at the center of energy program research, design, and planning. We play a key role in building a resilient energy future to enrich lives, improve global health, and ensure a more secure and sustainable future.

We provide the lens that allows you to deliver programs and services that tie sustainable and enduring energy resources to your customers' dreams and aspirations. We provide pathways and perspectives that help you meet your goals while at the same time helping your customers, families and communities meet theirs.



2015 is the International Year of Evaluation 

“Evaluation is not easy. Nor is it popular. But it is essential.  The current constrained budgetary climate makes it more important than ever. All of us share a responsibility to strengthen this important function.  I look forward to working with all of you to strengthen evaluation capacity so that it can play its rightful role in building lives of dignity for all.”

~ United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon


The art of simplifying

Anne Dougherty is taking this to heart as she prepares to move cross country (again).  Check out our first Vlog and learn about her "Stuff Staredown"